Weekly Plan Spotlight: Half off Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Come one come all to this week’s plan highlighttoday’s provide is pretty a doozy: half off the note eight rent chargewhen you turn to sprint.

considering the observe eight is arguably the most advanced telephone to hit the mainstream marketplace to-date (with an uncongenial price tag to fit) we’re calling this one hell of a deal.

I’M boughtdisplay ME THE DEAL
Gimme Them Deets
customers switching to sprint get 50% off the $960 observe eight without paying whatever up front. You’ll pay for this horrific boy month-to-month to the tune of just $20 for 18-months. Even higherin case you leap on this provide beforeSeptember 24, you’ll get the Galaxy foundation kit at the house.

Wait, like makeup?
Uh, no. the inspiration kit is a package that includes your preference of either:

A 128GB EVO+ reminiscence card and fast wi-fi Charging Converter ($189.98 unfastened) or…
Samsung gear 360 camera ($229.99 loose)
SEE package options
okay, what’s the trap?
As all gives, this one comes with some high-quality print. however, it’s pretty par for the direction with now not “gotcha” bits:

This deal calls for a brand new line of service activation and an 18-month hireproperlyqualified customers are eligible.

There are taxes on any tool you go together with and also you’ll have to pay that up front regardless.

in case you cancel your service, the last tool balance will become due.

signal ME UP!
Do I should choose a specific plan?
From the entirety we’re reading, you don’t have to choose a particular plan with dash to take advantage of this offerbutthey’re selling it with their unlimited Freedom plan, that is $50 consistent with month for unlimited informationhowever in case you want to add more lineseach one is best $22.50 after the primary (up to 4 tracesafter which the fifthone is really free).

This might be well worth searching into, due to the fact the unlimited Freedom plan is presently going at a decreaseintroductory rateand then they’re looking forward to transferring to a $60 in step with month charge shape.

close up and take my money
ok that’s honestclick the button beneath:


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